English Exercises

Level: Novice

Evaluation 1

I. Complete the following dialog with the sentences in the left column.

Ken :  Good morning
a. Yes, I am Sylvia :  Good morning
Ken :  __(1)___Ms. Johnson?
b. I’m glad to see you Sylvia :  Yes, I am
Ken :  Are you the office manager?
c. Are you Sylvia :  ___(2)_____. Who are you?
Ken :  I’m the new typist.
d. And please call me Sylvia :  ____(3)_____. We have a lot of work.  That’s your desk over there.
e. It looks fine Ken :  Thank you, Ms. Johnson.
Sylvia :  And that’s your typewriter.
Ken :  _____(4)_____.
Sylvia :  _____(5)______Sylvia.
Ken :  Thank you, Sylvia.

II. Choose the correct pronouns in brackets

  1. Hi, My name is Brandon. (I/me/my)  __________  am American.
  2. Bob is my dad. (he/him/his)  _________ is a farmer.
  3. Our cat is a girl, Judy. (he/she/it) _________  is two years old.
  4. Here is a postcard from (I/me/my) _______friend Peggy.
  5. She lives in Australia now with (she/her/hers) _______ family
  6. My mother and I love sweets. These sweets are for (we/us/our)________
  7. My brother Billy loves books. This novel is for (he/his/him) ________.
  8. My grandparents live in Texas. (they/their/theirs)  ________ often come and see us.
  9. This book is (you/your/yours) _________
  10. We met Paul and Jane last night. This house is (they/their/theirs)_______.

III. Find the incorrect part in the following sentences

1.  Peter       :  Do you has a dictionary?

Jim        : Yes, I do. You can use mine.

2. Paul        : Hello Steve.  Nice to see your again.

Steve     : Hello Paul. Haven’t seen you for ages.  Where have you been?

3. Does the manager  want we to come earlier tomorrow morning?

4. My name is John. This are my friend Owen. Owen and Igo to the same school.

5. He have two cats. The cats love to play in his garden

-:: Good Luck ::-


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