Phone greetings

more informal
Identifying the listener Is that Bruno Zola?

Could I speak to Bruno Zola, please?

Is that Bruno? Are you Bruno?

Is that you, Bruno?

Saying who you are (Yes,) speaking. Yes (it is).
Introducing yourself My name’s Elena Luma. It’s Elena. I’m Elena.

This is Elena. Here is Elena.

Asking people to speak slowly/speak up

Sorry, could you speak slowly, please?        Yes, sure.

Could you speak up, please?                          Yes, of course.

Ending a phone conversation

When you phone for information, you can often end with phrases like this:

  • OK, I think that’s everything I need.
  • OK, I think I’ve got all the details
  • Thanks. You’ve been very helpful.
  • Thanks very much for your help.
  • Bye bye. Goodbye.

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